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Just getting started, Falling Tree Photography is based out of Fairmont, WV. Falling Tree Photography specializes in photography that captures those moments of life that only happen once.

The Question â Iâm sure youâve heard the age old question âIf a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?â

The Answer â Well, I canât answer the question, but I can assure you that your memories wonât fall to the same fate! Memories captured, are memories preserved, remembered, cherished, and celebrated over and over again.

Whether itâs capturing young love soon after your engagement, the monumental occasion of your wedding day, or expressing your true personality and celebrating who you have become during your final year of high school. Donât let lifeâs moments slip by without capturing them.
My creative, artistic approach to photography animates the life of your family to tell your story - through art. Don't let life happen too fast, capture your moment in time, tell your story!
If your need for a photographer is DATE SPECIFIC (wedding, event, etc.) please contact me as soon as possible to secure your date and discuss payment options.

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Mail:  chris@fallingtreephotography.com

Phone:  304-657-0409

A Place In The Sun

February 18, 2010+br850+br566+br1

Stand The Test Of Time

February 18, 2010+br850+br566+br2

Shades of Love

February 18, 2010+br850+br566+br3

Autumn Splendor

February 18, 2010+br850+br566+br4

The Warmth Of Love

November 14, 2009+br850+br566+br5


November 14, 2009+br453+br680+br6


November 14, 2009+br453+br680+br7

All Because Two People Fell In Love

November 14, 2009+br618+br680+br8


February 18, 2010+br453+br680+br9

On the Rock

February 18, 2010+br453+br680+br10


February 18, 2010+br850+br566+br11

Depths of the Wild

February 18, 2010+br850+br566+br12

A place for you

February 18, 2010+br850+br566+br13


February 18, 2010+br453+br680+br14

The Eyes Have It

February 18, 2010+br850+br566+br15

Looking Back

April 26, 2010+br850+br566+br16

Facing the Future

April 25, 2010+br850+br567+br17

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